18:59 16. September 2019

Global Energy Briefing No 180: International Energy Markets in August/September (Deutsch/English)

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All you need to know: Our first newsletter after the summer break, Global Energy Briefing No 180 (32pp) covers the latest trends in international oil, gas and coal markets, including the attack on the oil infrastructure in Saudi Arabia.

We provide a first assessment of the Abqaiq assault and look at the overall oil supply and demand picture. Our second focus is the stubborn weakness of European gas markets and the (related) trends in global LNG markets. Finally, we examine the events in global hard coal markets, China in particular. We conclude with a brief look at the latest surge in European power prices and the downturn in carbon prices.

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15:23 19. Juli 2019

Global Energy Briefing No 179: International Energy Markets in July (Deutsch/English)

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All you need to know: Our second July newsletter Global Energy Briefing No 179 (32pp) covers the latest trends in international oil, gas and coal markets. We focus on recent oil price movements, OPEC and US shale oil outlook; the second focus is on European gas and global LNG markets as well as the recent coal revival in Asia. We conclude

17:18 10. Dezember 2018

Global Energy Briefing No 170: Global Energy Markets in December (English Edition)

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The current edition of our newsletter Global Energy Briefing (No.170) reports on prices, trends and events on the international energy markets. Topics are among others:

(1) Oil price outlook after OPEC/Russia-Decision

(2) US gas prices surge by more than 40 per cent; but sink  in negative territory in Permian Basin

(3) EU/Asian gas markets – relaxed winter outlook

(4) Hard coal markets: Prices down; weak 2019 outlook

(5) Power markets: Japan – back to nuclear

(6) Electric car markets: strong US numbers; China new all-time high in October; EV market share 7 per cent by December?

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