08:19 11. November 2019

Global Energy Briefing No 182: International Energy Markets & Big Oil´s Low Carbon Strategies

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All you need to know about global energy: Global Energy Briefing No 182 (45pp) covers:

  • the latest trends in international oil, gas and coal markets
  • the latest international numbers of electric car markets
  • a feature on the low-carbon activities of big oil companies and how stock markets can value them
  • plus an in-depth look at BP ´s latest numbers (3Q19)

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11:19 25. März 2019

Global Energy Briefing No 173: International Energy Markets and Company Strategies in March 2019 (Deutsch/English)

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The new edition of our newsletter Global Energy Briefing (No.173, 53pp) covers two topics:

A. Prices and market balance in the oil, gas and hard coal markets worldwide.

B. Company strategies and market trends in fossil and renewable energy markets (including EV and batteries).

Some focus themes of this issue are:
(a) oil price outlook and 2019/2020 shale oil volumes; the slump in global gas prices; update EV sales statistics;
(b) preliminary model of „strategies in transition“; the future of the Permian Basin; strategic moves by Shell, Saudi Aramco, Tongwei, LONGi, SPIC, Senvion, Iberdrola, EDP, RWE, VW; trends in the global FTM and BTM battery markets.
(c) vademecum: global energy data.

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18:51 15. Januar 2019

Oil majors in transition: Shell to bid for Dutch Utility Eneco

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Oil & Gas Major Royal Dutch Shell and Dutch pension fund PGGM formed a consortium to take over Dutch utility Eneco.


Eneco is owned by 53 Dutch municipalities. In a turbulent political process they have decided to sell the company a few months ago. The company value is estimated in the region of €3bn. 

Total turnover in 2017 was €3.4bn. Although more known for its renewable investments, Eneco still generates half of its power (10.3 TWh p.a. in 2017) by fossil fuels, mainly gas. 

Eneco also has a large trading division focused on gas trading (45.3 TWh) and power trading (21.5 TWh).


The Dutch/British gas and oil giant recently declared to invest $1-2bn per year in its New Energies division, established in 2016. This corresponds to 4-8% of its total investment of around $25bn. 

Its European peers (in contrast to its US peers) pursue similar strategies: BP, Total, ENI and Equinor have pledged around $0.5 bn per year for renewables. ENI plans to increase renewable investments from 0.5 to 1.2bn over the next years. And Equinor even announced […]

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