Saudi Aramco: Net profits of $111 billion

By |Thursday, 13 June 2019|

Saudi Aramco published its financial numbers for 2018. They dwarf even the largest Western and Chinese oil majors in some respects: Net income 2018: $111.1bn (+46% year on year) Revenues 2018: $355.9bn (+35% year on year)...

Utilities: Power giant Enel exits Russian coal

By |Friday, 7 June 2019|

Italian power giant Enel has announced the sale of Russia´s largest coal plant Reftinskaya (3.8 GW) to leading Siberian power and heat utility Kuzbassenergo, owned by SGC (SUEK), for "at least" RUB21bn (approx. $320m). Enel is the 2nd largest global utility. The company recently...

Strategies of Global Energy Companies: Leaders & Laggards

By |Tuesday, 30 April 2019|

We announced it in our 10-Year-Anniversary newsletter post: Strategies of big energy companies will be our second focus, complementing our analysis of international energy markets.

This happens against the background of two mega-trends in the energy sector:
(1) the global energy transition towards low-carbon solutions and renewable energy
(2) the melting-away of traditional industry boundaries: new and established players cross industry borders and develop new business models.

In our database we will try to cover the rapid changes across the sectors: from the leading […]

10 Jahre Global Energy Briefing

By |Wednesday, 17 April 2019|

Zehn Jahre Global Energy Briefing. Der Newsletter ist jetzt im 11. Jahrgang und gehört damit schon zu den “dienstältesten” deutschsprachigen Newsletter im Bereich Energiemärkte.

Seine Alleinstellungsmerkmale sind der explizit internationale Fokus von China über Europa bis zu den USA, sowie die breite Abdeckung der Energiewelt vom Öl bis zur Photovoltaik.

Ab diesem Jahrgang gibt es zwei Veränderungen:

(1) Neben die Marktanalysen treten jetzt Strategieanalysen der führenden Energiekonzerne der Welt, insbesondere unter dem Blickwinkel der globalen Energy Transition.

(2) Schon seit Jahresbeginn erscheint der Newsletter […]

Global Energy Briefing No 174: International Energy Markets & Company Strategies (DEU/ENG)

By |Wednesday, 17 April 2019|

German + English Edition Available!

Our April newsletter Global Energy Briefing (No.174, 53pp) covers two topics:

A. Prices and market balance in the oil, gas and hard coal markets worldwide.

B. Company strategies and market trends in fossil and renewable energy markets (including EV and batteries).

Some focus topics of this issue are:
(a) Price divergence between fuels has further deepened: Oil, carbon up, gas, coal down; price outlook Brent
(b) the changing character of the US gas market; gas flaring in the Permian

c) Global oil […]

Global Energy Briefing No 173: International Energy Markets and Company Strategies in March 2019 (Deutsch/English)

By |Monday, 25 March 2019|

The new edition of our newsletter Global Energy Briefing (No.173, 53pp) covers two topics:

A. Prices and market balance in the oil, gas and hard coal markets worldwide.

B. Company strategies and market trends in fossil and renewable energy markets (including EV and batteries).

Some focus themes of this issue are:
(a) oil price outlook and 2019/2020 shale oil volumes; the slump in global gas prices; update EV sales statistics;
(b) preliminary model of “strategies in transition”; the future […]

Global Energy Briefing No 172 : International Energy Markets in February 2019 (English/Deutsch)

By |Monday, 18 February 2019|

The new edition of our newsletter Global Energy Briefing (No.172) covers prices and trends of major energy markets worldwide. Main topics are: Oil market & oil price outlook, gas markets (EU, US, LNG/Asia), hard coal prices, EV sales statistics; global energy data.

Please find more on our newsletter subscription here, or follow us on Twitter here. The newsletter is available in ENGLISH and in GERMAN.

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From May 2019 on, we will report important company news and we will rank, benchmark and compare companies and strategies: looking for leaders and laggards. On this website and on twitter (@energycomment) we will publish some of our findings. If you prefer more systematic and regular information, including a concise overview of energy markets, please have a look at our bi-weekly newsletter GLOBAL ENERGY BRIEFING. If you want to know more about EnergyComment, check here.