14 January 2019

Wind Industry: SPIC to Build World´s Largest Wind Farm

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Bejing has greenlighted SPIC´s giant onshore wind project in the northern wind-rich province of Inner Mongolia (Ulanqab), Recharge News and Asian Power report.

The 6 GW capacity would make it the largest wind base in the world, at an estimated cost of RMB 42.5 bn ($6.2bn). So far, MidAmerican´s 2 GW Wind XI project held the top spot.

SPIC will develop the project on a zero-subsidy basis,  i.e. in competition to coal power plants in the province which receive a price benchmark of 283 Yuan/MWh (41.3 $/MWh). This will be the standard approach for all large wind and solar farms in China from 2020 on.

State-owned conglomerate SPIC (State Power Investment Corp.) was only recently established through the merger of large power producer CPIC and nuclear giant SNPTC.

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